Yard Care

Waste has a way of piling up over time. Storms or even seasonal change can leave your formerly well-tended yard looking like a warzone. When there is a carpet of leaves on the ground, big fallen branches, and other big messes, you may want to hire a professional lawn care service.

Our lawn care company knows how to do the job quickly and efficiently. Letting the debris linger is a bad idea. Not only does it look bad, it can start to decay, which will attract bugs and other unwelcome visitors to your yard.

Following a thorough lawn analysis, Jr's Landscaping & Building Co will develop the best yard care and maintenance plan for your property. We understand that each client has specific needs and that all grass is certainly not the same.

Jr's Landscaping & Building Co can perform a variety of lawn care services, which may include specialized tasks like lawn mowing service and yard maintenance. You can learn more about our landscaping services by contacting us in Orange County, CA today.