Lawn Maintenance

After going through the grueling effort to grow the perfect green lawn, the real challenge starts by keeping it that way. It can be difficult knowing how much to water during the different seasons.

Depending on the complexity of the yard, different plants require varying amounts of water, but with our lawn maintenance service, we take all the guesswork out of the equation and guarantee professional results. We do lawn mowing service too.

We take our grass seriously. Our landscapers expect nothing but the best from their work. Our lawn care service is dedicated to making sure lawns are properly maintained from the length of each blade of grass to its color. We also prevent unwanted plants from taking root in your lawn.

We know how important a lawn is for a home. It is the first thing anyone sees when they look at your house. Among our landscaping services, lawn maintenance is one of our best specialties. If you’re looking for lawn maintenance in Orange County, CA, contact Jr's Landscaping & Building Co today.